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UV/LED lashes are causing a stir in the beauty world, and it’s not just a flash in the pan. One big plus? They’re kinder to your peepers, causing less irritation while looking fab! They are also not affected by oil, sweat, and your typical triggers of regular lash adhesive. They also tend to stay on longer. For lash artists, they address common frustrations with humidity, temperature, and dry times, the UV Lash System becomes a game-changer.

But are they safe?

1. Light Strength Comparison:
The LED light used is 5 watts, significantly less powerful than a nail light (50+ watts) or a tanning bed (1500-2000 watts). This lower intensity adds to the system’s safety profile.

2. Exposure Duration:
The duration of exposure is minimal. With 2 seconds of light per pedal press, applying 100 lashes results in just over 3 minutes of total exposure.

3. Additional Safety Measures:
For enhanced safety, it is recommended to protect the client’s eyes with UV blocking tape or a regular lash pad. The low wattage ensures minimal impact. This is to ensure the client’s eyes remain closed during the procedure. Looking directly into the light is not recommended.

4. UV Spectrum Explanation:
The term “UV” is used because the LED light operates within the wavelengths of the UV family, around 395nm. It emits light within the UV spectrum, despite being an LED light.

5. Photobiology Significance:
Lab tests reveal minimal photobiology (the impact a light, whether natural or artifical has on a living organism) significance when compared to a flashlight that can range from 50+ watts, establishing the UV Lash System as a safe choice.

In the dazzling world of beauty breakthroughs, the UV Lash System shines bright, not just for its magical lash transformations but also for its top-notch safety and effectiveness. If your lashes are drama queens, UV/LED lashes are the heroes you need! They laugh in the face of oil, sweat, and other lash villains, staying put longer than your average lash glue. With lashes that could rival a Hollywood star, rocking that inner confidence is a breeze, all thanks to the magic of the UV Lash System!