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UV/LED lashes

Everything to know about UV/LED Lashes.

UV/LED lashes are causing a stir in the beauty world, and it's not just a flash in the…
how long eyelash extensions take to lash shampoo
Lash Retention

What makes eyelash extensions say “see ya later”? Top tips for eyelash extension retention issues

Maximizing long-lasting lash extensions means fewer touch-ups and enduring beauty. Discover key practices for lash retention in our…
Eyelash Tips

Navigating Common Eyelash Extension Issues: Tips For Lush, Healthy Lashes

Encountering eyelash extension issues? With complaints ranging from allergic reactions to natural lash damage, this article confronts these…
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Lash Preparation

Preparing For A Lash Extension Appointment

  Lash Extension Appointment: Preparation 101 For Lash Stylists & Clients Lash extensions are the ultimate eye accessory…